About Us

Affordable Online Home Design


Hi, I’m Hannah! 

I’m a fully qualified Architect with over 10 years experience in professional architectural practice. Over my career so far I’ve been blessed to work on a wide variety of projects big an small, both residential and in other sectors. This breadth of knowledge and experience allowed me to take a unique, multi-faceted approach to re-planning and extending existing homes. 

I founded PreArc with a mission to provide a quick, simple and affordable architectural service for homeowners who are right at the beginning of the journey into exploring their home’s potential. 

Often homeowners just want a quick sketch to see whether that extension they have in their head could work in real life. Or they know there must be a better solution to their ground floor plan, but they just can’t visualise it. In these instances, the process of appointing a traditional architect can seem quite daunting and a huge expense given that your project might not become a reality. My aim is to provide a service that fits in at the beginning of the journey; a ‘pre-architect’ service if you will. 

Equally, over the past 10 years I’ve provided countless friends and relatives with quick sketch plans exploring how a house they have seen listed on Rightmove could be extended or reconfigured into their dream home. These plans have empowered them to make a more informed decision on whether to put an offer in on those properties, and every time I am asked ‘why don’t you turn this service into a business?!’ Together with PreArc my aim is to assist more people across the country create their dream home. 

I’m registered with the Architect’s Registration Board and carry the appropriate level of insurance, so rest assured your project is in safe hands. Let’s get started!