Andy’s Bathroom

There’s no job too small to gain value from a PreArc sketch plan. Andy and his family have recently moved into a large semi-detached property in Heaton Moor, Greater Manchester. Whilst most of the home was finished exactly to his taste before he moved in, the bathroom needed some work. Andy just wanted a quick set of options to visualise whether there was space for all the ideas he had for this room.

We provided Andy with a series of options incorporating key elements on his wishlist such as concealed storage and a separate bath and shower. We also provided some suggestions for quality bathroom fixtures and fittings and put Andy in touch with a local contractor who is experienced in working from our sketches for small projects like this one. The bathroom is currently under construction and we can’t wait to see some finished pictures soon!

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    Heaton Moor

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    Bathroom Layout, Interior Design, Product Suggestions

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