Jess and Jack’s ‘Should we make an offer?’

Jack and Jess discovered an incredible deal near their current residence – an ideal street, a prime location, and an enticing price tag. The catch? The house sits on a challenging site with a significant level change just a metre from the property’s rear. This obstacle understandably deterred many potential buyers, likely contributing to the competitive pricing. Jack and Jess found it difficult to envision extending the house to achieve the desired layout and space, but they knew the potential existed.

Fortunately, they reached out to us. Within a mere 24 hours, we supplied them with multiple options illustrating how they could redesign the ground floor layout and, in some cases, expand the rear to create the dream home they believed was attainable. We also guided them through the crucial next steps to ensure the proposals’ feasibility. Equipped with this information and expertise, they confidently submitted an informed offer on the house. They now eagerly await the seller’s response… fingers crossed!

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    Crystal Palace, London

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    Homebuyer's Feasibility, Rear Extension, Permitted Development, Internal Reconfiguration, Layout Options

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